Confident Motherhood is a community of women supporting women. Women who empower and inspire other women to live a confident lifestyle through motherhood.  

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While in the process of motherhood - the adjustments by season, the challenges, the victories and ultimately all that motherhood involves- I found a passion for sharing my heart and journey with other moms through my (then) personal blog.  Fast forward to now and my blog has been transformed into a beautiful brand that I hope inspires and empowers women; no matter how you reached motherhood or perhaps, you haven't yet. Welcome to Confident Motherhood!



No matter what stage of motherhood you’re going through, Elsie Calo hopes that her brand reflects the journey that you’re on. A journey that is ever changing but one we should embrace with confidence.  

Confident Motherhood is a space for women to feel open to share life stories, what is working or what has been an epic fail (oh, you know there are many) or even some tips and tricks every mother needs to know. Whether you’re a mother of 5 or you’re just starting your journey, at the end of the day, we all learn from each other.

Motherhood isn't easy but it can be a CONFIDENT journey- even in the low of lows!  Stick around and make sure to follow Elsie on her Podcast, Facebook,  Instagram or even PIN with her to stay up to date on the latest coming your way.