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Valentine’s Process Art

Author: Christina Joan for Confident Motherhood

Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, and get our love crafts on. By “our” I mean your kids. By “your kids”, I mean that they are the ones creating, and you are only there for set up and moral support. The craft we are bringing today,  is Valentine Process Art! We have two lists, the Easy Way and the Level Up way. The easy way is for average everyday, you probably have many or most of these supplies. The level up way is if you wanna channel your inner Pinterest Goddess.

The Easy Way:

  • Coloring Utensils (Crayons, markers, paint sticks, water color)

  • Scissors

  • Glitter or Glitter Glue

  • Paper Hearts  (check your local Dollar Tree)

Level Up Way:

  • Googlie Eyes (Any Art Store)

  • Jewels

  • Hologram Hearts (Target Bargain Bin)

  • Washi Tape

  • Heart Punch

  • Textured Scissors

  • Stamps + Ink Pad

  • Stickers

  • Scrapbook Card-stock

Photo by Christina Joan

First you want to plan out who do you want to make a special valentine for. Realize that younger kids are probably only going to have the attention span for one heart. Some kids have the attention span for more than one. Feel it out. You can put the tray up, and bring it out again the next day to make another.

Now for the fun part. Give them a blank heart. Tell them they can decorate the heart ANY WAY they want. You will be squirming and wanting to make perfection. If that itch to intercede is TOO strong, make your own heart beside them. They really love when you interact, and play together. Sit back and have fun, because you aren’t there to control the outcome. This is their time to plan, spatial reason, process, play, and explore patterns and textures.


When we were doing this craft each kid had their own idea who they wanted to make it for. You can help them plan their heart by asking:

What is (the person they are making it for) favorite color?

Oh! It’s red?! What does the color “red” start with? R…Rh… rh… (sound out the first letter, and see if they can guess)

I see you love the google eyes, how many google eyes did you put on your heart?

Oh, I love the tape you used, what color is it? Is it smooth or rough (glitter is rough)?

Now keep in mind to not barrage them with questions. Kids will get frustrated because it might break their concentration on their creation. Find the balance. Just act as if you were having a normal conversation. Praise them for their choices and their creations. Will it be perfect? No. When the child has full control things will be messy, a little weird, and very interesting looking. Enjoy gleaning for their perspective.




Tag us in your Valentine Process Art. We want to see how they turned out! Let us know how your little enjoyed the freedom of making their own valentine.


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