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A Letter to My Son


Though you might not yet be old enough to understand how important December 13, 2018, was for our family, it will be a day we always celebrate. We will celebrate because your life is of infinite worth to our family, our community and our friends.

For 1,104 days I prayed that Jesus would divinely intervene in your life. I prayed that He would keep you safe, that He would instill in you your worth and value. I prayed that His will would be done for your life…and I’ll admit that prayer became harder and harder as my motherly love for you grew.

I had to learn to love you with open hands, not gripping too tightly in the event that Jesus would ask me to let you go. The days that I didn’t know if you would stay or leave were some of the darkest and hardest days I’ve ever walked through. But, I would walk through them again, and again for the rest of time for you my son. Today, we get to look at God’s grace and we get to call you son. On December 13th, we got to walk into the courtroom with peace because we knew the Author and Perfecter had chosen us to be your parents.

I hope that as you grow, you will see that there are no mistakes in your story. I hope you understand that you are deeply loved and that your story is beautiful. I hope you can see how many others have come to know and see a tangible picture of the gospel because of your life. That you are immeasurably valuable to the God of this Universe.

I hope that when you question your story and your journey, you will know that I am on your side. I hope you know that I am your biggest fan and that I will always help you search for answers. I hope you know that I am in love with every piece of who you are. I hope that if life tells you don’t fit in…you know it’s because you were born to stand out. I hope you boldly stare life in the face and know that you are the son of a King who has conquered all. I know you will be a world changer, a go-getter.

You’ve already accomplished so much in just four short years, my son, and I know you will accomplish so much more. You are compassionate. You are kind and caring. You are a leader, not a follower. An inventor and a dreamer. So be a round peg in a square hole my son. The world won’t be able to ignore you because you will change things. You’ll inspire and move others to action. You’re future is so full of promising my son, and I’m so glad God was gracious enough in choosing me to cheer you on the entire way!



Katie is a mother and foster care mama who advocates and has a strong voice in the foster care community.

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