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Daily Affirmations For Moms

Being a mom is the biggest blessing, but some days are longer than others. Even on those rough days, I find myself lying down at the end of the day wondering if I should wake my kid up because I miss her little annoying voice, lol no? Am I the only one? haha Well, I do!

There are days where I question if what i'm doing is all wrong. There are days where through my child's actions; I know i'm doing something right! I know i'm not bad mom, but I think it's important to speak to yourself, uplift yourself and reassure yourself that; hey it's ok we ALL have those off days.. & if you're reading this and say you don't have any off day, then your a liar! There is no one in the world who can give you more happiness than yourself, so here are a few things I tell myself to remind me no matter what, i'll always be my own mom goals!

1) Focus On Yourself It is very easy to forget that no one is perfect, especially on your bad days, scrolling through the gram, you stumble upon other mamas who LOOK like they have it all together. Truth is, we don't, no one does. No one is perfect, so on the worst of days, remember that! Read this to yourself, I AM ONLY HUMAN.

2) Trust Yourself Judgement is easy to pass and easy to take in, but none of that should ever make you change who you are or how you do things. What works for you, won't work for others. Who you are, no one else can be. You are the best version of yourself, the only version and you have to just you know what your doing in everything you do! You can't be afraid of what others will think or else you'd drive yourself crazy trying to fit their vision of what perfect it. That ladies, is impossible!

3) Positive Vibes Surround yourself with other moms or women who aren't afraid to b e real, but also want the happier side of life! Positivity is contagious, smiles are contagious! surround yourself with people who have a positive look on life and similar views!

4) Love Yourself Stare into that mirror, smile at yourself, take a few selfies and love the heck out loo yourself. That face isn't going anywhere, that face is the face your LO's know and love and there is NO face in the world they love more than you! So take great care of yourself, treat yourself and love yourself so you can live a happier life! I picked up a book called The Sun And Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur and on page 233 she wrote

'What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn

That since day one

she's already had everything she needs within herself

It's the world that convinced her she did not.'

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