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Hypoallergenic Baby & Kids Earrings | Little and Five

Over a year ago I was in the search for earrings for my daughter who was having a type of allergy to her earrings. I had replaced her baby earrings with a pair that had cost a bit over $60. The pair looked like great quality, however, about a month in she started having an allergic reaction. Her primary care physician told us to look for hypoallergenic earrings and possibly nickel free to check if her ears could handle those.

We came across Little and Five and I was super hesitant to try something new. I think all moms can attest to the fear of purchasing something new (and online) for their kids; Especially highly sensitive kiddos. We decided to give it a try. We selected the Gold Unicorn and the Gold Stud earrings. 

The minute we got our package, we cleaned our earrings with soap and warm water and we cleaned my daughter's ears. Because I wasn't sure what reaction (if any) my daughter would have, we started with the Gold Stud. It was a simple style and goes with just about all outfits.

After a few weeks, we noticed that my daughter was not having any reaction to them. In fact, the back of her ear was very clean anytime I would go check them to clean them. Prior to the Little and Five earrings, I'd have to clean my daughter's ears more often as she would get a bit of a junkie residue on the back. I was very happy to see a clean ear.

About three months after she was wearing the gold stud earrings, my daughter asked us to switch them for the gold unicorn earrings. It has been over a year now that she has kept the same earrings. She refuses to take them off. I don't blame her, they are cute!

My daughter lost a pair of earrings in the past and one thing I love about the Little and Five earrings, is their screw back post feature. It was a bit thicker than the usual, however, my daughter had no issues. I did use a bit of Neosporin after inserting them just because of new material and wanting to make sure she would be covered in case of an issue. Thankfully we had none. If you feel that you need something more besides a screw back, they do sell separate push backs. Like I mentioned, my girl has had the same pair for about a year now and no issues.

Purchasing your child's first (second, or third) set of earrings does not have to be complicated. It shouldn't feel that way at least. I know that when we had our girl, this was one of the first things on my mind to get her dolled up. The PCP's office doesn't always have the cutest options. Little and Five has an amazing variety of earrings to choose from. Their customer service is great and shipping was very fair. I believe we had ours between 3-5 days of purchase.

As a mom what has been your biggest struggle with baby or children's earrings? I'd love to hear about your experiences and if you give Little and Five a try, let us know. They have offered the code motherhood15 for anyone wanting to give it a try.

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