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Motherhood No Matter What: A Motherhood Monday Story

AUTHOR:  Brittany Hennigan for Confident Motherhood

My journey in motherhood began when I was a young age of nineteen years old, my boyfriend and I had no choice but to grow up quickly. We had only been together a year when we bought a house together when I was newly pregnant.




While pregnant, my doctor informed me that I wouldn't be able to get an epidural because of a spinal fusion surgery I had four years prior. This medical situation sparked my journey on natural choices for our family.

I started researching anything "parenting" as much as possible. It started with how to have a natural hospital birth. A few months after, Bailee was born, she was unfortunately neurologically injured with infantile spasms from her 4-month vaccines. We found out later that she also had a mitral heart valve prolapse. Thankfully, it wasn't too much cause for concern long-term. Through non-toxic and healthy living, Bailee's neurological issues have been completely healed.

At 21 years old, I became pregnant with our second daughter, Brooklyn. We did things very, very differently with her. Along with natural birth, we opted for cloth diapering, and we didn't vaccinate (per our oldest daughter's neurologist's recommendations).  We started eating mostly organic, and this will be another journey that I know our family can conquer. 

Our girls are 3 and 5 years old now, and we are extremely grateful for the life we have been granted.

My first daughter was a surprise. The bravery, the strength, and willpower she has taught me are indescribable.

My second daughter is rather healthy and being assessed for selective mutism in a few months.

This year we plan to move to the city and begin homeschooling.

Motherhood is quite the journey and there's no other journey I would rather dedicate my entire heart to than motherhood.

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