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Thanksgiving Crafts

I know we're all in a rush to get this month over with, but it's not Christmas yet!!!! We can't forget thanksgiving and all it entails. From being thankful, spending family time and gaining a few pounds and much more! In my house we craft it up for just about every holiday and well, we just wanted to share some easy, fun crafts for the next one! 

Painting Pumpkin- 

- Pumpkins

-Paint (We use Watercolor Paint, easy to clean)

-Paint Brushes

For halloween we went to the pumpkin patch and got many diff pumpkin sizes, but the ones ones that lasted are the little ones! So for this craft you can use whatever size you'd like, just utilize those unused pumpkins and paint them fall colors! You can paint designs  or just let your little freehand! 



Thankful Turkey-

-Construction Paper           -Marker



Step 1) Cut long leafs out of the construction paper (I used red, green, yellow and orange)

Step 2) Cut out a turkey body shape (I just cut mine to resemble the number 8) with brown construction paper! You can also use a toilet paper roll (the Insert)

Step 3) Explain to your little one the meaning of being thankful while you write "I Am Thankful For" on the middle of the turkey

Step 4) Ask your little one what he/she is thankful for and write them on the leaves for him/her

Step 5) Help your little one glue the leaves to the back of the turkey with the things he/she is thankful for facing up and let dry



Fall Leaf Butterflies-

-Pick some leaves or buy artificial ones       -Glue


-White construction paper

1) Help your little one draw the bodies of the butterflies in whatever colors he/she desires with your crayons

Step 2) Grab a leaf one by one and glue them as wings for your butterflies and let dry!




Hand Print Tree-

-Little ones arm and hand      -Crayons

-Paint and paint brushes

-Construction paper

Step 1) Place your little ones arm and hand flat on your construction paper and trace his/her hand with a brown crayon to resemble the bark of a tree. Have your little one color in the "bark"

Step 2) Let your little ones paint fall colored leaves (Swooshes or dots) at the tip of the tree !


What kind of craft ideas do you have for you and your little one?! Comment below!

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