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#WeAreConfidentMotherhood: Fiorella


Hey girl! My name is Fiorella but most people call me Fi. I'm a wife and mama to three beautiful little gals.

Through Confident Motherhood, I hope to be able to express my real, raw motherhood journey and take you along some changes in my lifestyle that are helping me focus on a better me.

In this blog, I will share about my healthy lifestyle. My motherhood journey is coming soon. I look forward to the day that I can open up and openly share all of that with you.

I used to think that being a great mom was basically being at my kids' beck and call; Whatever they needed, I provided. I was lost. I had lost myself in motherhood and everything that comes with it. I was obsessed with having my house looking like it belonged in the cover of Better Homes Magazine; Nothing was out of place, laundry was always done, and dishes were always washed. It was exhausting to be perfect, but that’s how I valued myself- On things that I did right.

What was wrong? Me. The way I was thinking. Including forgetting to keep myself in good health. Not only physically, but emotionally, mind and spirit.



I decided that enough was enough a while back and I never looked back. Not only for how I valued myself as a mother, but in my healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t healthy (AT ALL.) But- here came transformation and with transformation, POWER!

The word diet is no longer in my vocabulary. I believe that, even though donuts are good and pizza is heaven, food is meant to fuel my body. However, you can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy the occasional cheats before cause YOLO and moderation is key.

So, what changed? My mind. My actions. I believed in ME.


I no longer believe myself as selfish for craving time to myself. I am a firm believer that the more I pour into myself, the more I can pour into others.

Confidence is a muscle I have to grow every day. It’s ok to have bad days however, I will not let those bad days ruin me.

I no longer run away from my anxiety but embrace it because someone out there is struggling and needs to be reminded that things will be ok.

I am not a victim of my circumstances, I am a fearless and faithful warrior. I am strong and I will fight the heck out of this life.

I believe in being surrounded by positivity and gratitude. Free yourself of all the negativity that only brings you down.

I believe that I CAN and I WILL build a business rooted in purpose. I don’t have to have a six pack or a perfect story. I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to be me.

I am in control of my actions, my life, and my destiny.

I am worthy of greatness because I was placed on this earth by Him.

Talk Soon,


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